Everything you need to know

Unfortunately due to limited capacity in Surf Abu Dhabi, we don’t allow changes or cancellations.

The choice between the left and right waves depends on your skill level and preference. Consult our wave profiles to find the best fit for your surfing experience.

Yes, we recommend booking your session in advance to secure your preferred wave and time slot. Walk-ins are welcome, but availability may be limited.

When booking online you can pay with credit card VISA, Master Card, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Walk-ins can also pay in cash.

A beginner lesson focuses on fundamental skills, while a session allows experienced surfers to enjoy the waves freely. Both options offer unique experiences tailored to your skill level.

Sessions at Surf Abu Dhabi are designed for experienced surfers to enjoy the waves independently. You'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills in a controlled and exhilarating environment.

Our wave pool maintains a comfortable water temperature for year-round surfing enjoyment. Expect a pleasant and consistent climate during your session.

The number of surfers in the water varies, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable experience for all. Our team manages the crowd to optimize wave-sharing opportunities.

Beginners receive expert guidance on paddling, standing up, and catching waves. Our skilled instructors provide a supportive and educational environment to ensure a successful first surfing experience.

Surf Abu Dhabi operates during specific hours. Please check our website or contact us for detailed information on our current opening hours.

Yes, you are welcome to capture your surfing moments. However, for commercial or professional photography, please reach out to our team for permission.

While outside food is not permitted, we offer on-site catering options for you to enjoy. Check with our staff for details on our food and beverage services.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed within the facility to ensure the safety and comfort of all our visitors.

If you're passionate about surfing and interested in joining our team, please visit our Careers page on the website for information on current job opportunities

Companions or guests are welcome to accompany surfers but may need to follow specific guidelines. Please check with our staff for details on guest access.

Yes, we provide a convenient parking area for visitors. Follow the signage upon arrival for easy access to our parking facilities.

We strive to make our facility inclusive. Contact us in advance to discuss specific needs and arrangements for visitors with impaired mobility.

Overnight stays in camper vans are not permitted in our car park.

Find detailed directions to Surf Abu Dhabi on our website or use popular navigation apps for easy and accurate routes.

Our Surf School provides professional coaching, equipment rental, and various programs catering to different skill levels. Explore our services to enhance your surfing experience.

Yes, we offer equipment rental services, including surfboards and other essentials. Check our website for details on equipment availability and rental options.

Swapping equipment during your session is possible. Feel free to consult with our staff to ensure a seamless transition.

Wear comfortable swimwear or wetsuits suitable for surfing. Check our guidelines for specific recommendations on attire.

While pre-booking is not mandatory, it ensures availability. Secure your preferred equipment by booking in advance through our website or contacting us directly.

Surf Abu Dhabi boasts modern facilities, including changing rooms, showers, and a surf shop. Explore our infrastructure to make the most of your visit.

Our wave pool features state-of-the-art technology, providing a dynamic and controlled surfing environment. Discover the unique elements that make our wave pool exceptional.

The Surf Abu Dhabi shop offers a range of surfing essentials, from apparel to accessories. Browse our collection to enhance your surfing experience.

For inquiries about corporate events, please reach out to our dedicated team. We'll work with you to create a memorable and tailored experience for your group.

Absolutely! Schools are encouraged to contact us for special arrangements and educational programs at Surf Abu Dhabi. We welcome students for an enriching surfing experience.


Elevate Team building with us. Combine surf experiences with diverse dining options for a unique corporate event fostering team spirit and connection.

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Gain control of the wave and the facilities for a personalized surfing adventure. Customize your surf sessions and enjoy exclusive access to the surf club.

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