Wave Technology

Surf Abu Dhabi’s status as the most advanced wave facility worldwide is a result of the unmatched technology within. Modon partnered with Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC), the world's experts in man-made wave technology, to construct and complete Surf Abu Dhabi – and audiences are reaping the rewards. The collaboration has paved the way for presenting the world’s longest ride, longest barrel and highest man-made wave – led by cutting-edge technology. 

Waves are made possible by several integrated technologies which create a truly world-class wave system. KSWC’s patented hydrofoil generator creates waves with significant power and without degradation – providing a consistent energy profile for surfers. The technology simultaneously produces sizeable wave faces without degradation – meaning waves are always suited for competitive events and exhilarating guests. 

There’s also the wave form – inspired and designed by world-class ocean waves. This includes large open barrels for tube riding and long sloped faces for turns and airs. These characteristics, coupled with other wave profiles, provide the ultimate conditions for skill progression and fun for all types of surfers.

Meanwhile, the integrated systems in Surf Abu Dhabi deliver the longest man-man wave in the world, simultaneously capable of creating calmer conditions through proprietary dampening technology. What’s more, the system provides tailored waves for surfers of all skill levels. Dial-a-Wave technology plays a pivotal part in modifying wave form, height and power from one wave to the next. 

Additionally, the KSWC integrated technology system is designed, fabricated and operated to the highest commercial standards alongside to ensure sustained performance and reliability.


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